Google Merchant Center – what it is and what it is used for

Every e-commerce marketer or seller, sooner or later, will start wondering how to increase their sales. I'm directing this post (as well as most of the blog) to people who have already been working... read

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My name is Kinga Sroka and I'm very glad you're on my blog. I cover a variety of topics in digital marketing, with a focus on Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Professionally I'm connected with performance marketing - all paid activities in online channels. Currently I work for OLX Group, I gathered my experience in companies such as Allegro or Get Noticed Agency.

Personally, I am a great lover of foreign languages and Indian cuisine. During weekends, I teach at TEB Edukacja and Collegium Da Vinci at courses related to digital marketing.

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Google Merchant Center - what it is and what it is used for

Google Merchant Center is the only way to launch product campaigns in Google Ads. See how! read

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